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An antithesis to fashion, the women in these series hardly wore anything

I would dress and adorn them in anything I could get my hands on: dry leaves, tree barks, roots, palm weavings and blossoms, paint them with mud, iron-ore pigments.  The rainforest and the moors were my reservoir.

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Fashion & Spirituality

I integrate art, work, fashion and spirituality in my way of living and daily life: I create images, paint them, I meditate and dance samba daily, design some of my clothes, climb trees, hike, pray, do spiritual practices and I purposefully engage myself in political-social-educational activities, with the same intention.

In portraiture I envisage to photograph inner states.
In nature I aim to capture moods and atmosphere.

“ Heloisa Oliveira creates her remarkably surreal photographs through composite and other techniques to produce dreamlike images which are hand painted. The work arises out of the combinations of flashes from the collective unconscious of the striking distinctive Brazilian culture and the stunning display of the natural world in Brazil. The different cultures of Brazil are perpetually mingling and generating an amalgam of their unique qualities and attributes. The result of this dynamic process is the particular effulgence and intensity of the universal    Brazilian soul. Nature has surprising ways of expressing Herself."

Loretta Young Gautier At Camera Obscura Gallery- Denver USA

Capturing poetry in motion

"For the first time perhaps one of the most distinct features of Bhutanese culture and the core tradition of ritual movement, have been documented in hand-painted photographs, which capture the trance in which the mask dancers move. The director of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii, Stephen Little, who was present during the opening, said, “ Heloisa’s photographs convey the beauty, power, and mystery of and increasingly rare form of sacred movement, more intact in Bhutan than any other part of the Himalayas.”

Sonam Pelden-Kuensel. Thimphu