Current and on going projects

Exhibition Visions of Cham

Ritual Dances of Bhutan

In Visions of Cham I hand-paints some of the photographs, the multiple-exposure images were created at the moment of shooting (not through technological manipulation), using various techniques of lighting and perspective. I use acrylic paint, gold and silver leaves, and  pigments, saffron and minerals derived from sacred places of Bhutan. The process of hand-painting the photos, better transcribes and recreates more faithfully the powerful charge of this anachronistic event in loco.  The images create photographic artworks that are one of kind, in an edition varièe.

The opportunity for witnessing this rare and historic event was created by Core of Culture, Princess Kesang from Yungdrung Choeling palace, and the Honolulu Academy of Arts (for the exhibition The Dragon´s Gift: The Sacred of Arts of Buthan

Visions of Cham exhibition travelled the USA, France, Brazil and Bhutan

Atelier and Bhutan House

Current abode of inspiration and inner, outer re-search.
Here I have been learning to integrate my life experiences and stories.

Since 2011, I chose to live alone in nature, 26 Km away the well-known Contemporary Art Museum Inhotim. My plot of land is an austere and beautiful place. It foments and creates an amalgam of feelings of joy, challenge, peace, hope, suffering and fertile loneliness.

Thus Bhutan House emerged in iron-ore moors ground as a place for culture and art, quietness, attentive listening and nature breathing ( shinrin-yoku (森林浴))

Here I have been learning to integrate my life experiences and stories.

This environment is a nourishing retreat away from the noise of trends and conformity of the contemporary art and the world. A fertile ground, oozing with raw and untamed forces urging me to follow my Nature.