Early works

Anima Brasilis Exhibition

The Portraits of the Unconscious

Anima Brasilis ( from Latin, Brazilian Soul ) was my  first exhibition as a tribute to women of  mix-racial-ethnical backgrounds.


Primal Forces of Nature

In the late 90´s I devoted time to understanding my own cultural heritage and background. I became interested primarily in African–Brazilian rites, art and dance forms based on the Orixás (primal forces of Nature manifested as deities.) I was brought up catholic and at an early age I felt a strong attraction for African rituals in particular Umbanda.

I researched on this subject by going to many Umbanda and some Candomble rituals.

I also spent almost three years studying with a well-known Master, Joao Angoleiro of Brazilian-African culture. Master Joao is highly qualified in understanding and creating spaces and bridges between religion and theatre. This is one of the most fascinating subjects for me.

The Bhutan Experience

I have been going to Bhutan since 2007 accompanying HAA Museum staff as volunteer for the project The Dragons Gift- The Sacred Arts of Bhutan

So far I have been there six times and spent altogether about seven months there, as a Friend of Bhutan guest of the Royal Government of Bhutan

In 2009-2010 by invitation of the Government of Bhutan  I had two solo exhibitions of Visions of Cham  in the country. I also got interested in GNH ( Gross National Happiness) and  have been studying this subject, taking part in international conferences giving lectures on GNH.